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High Quality Air Charter - Air Ambulance Services

Airspeed and our partner JamaicaMed have teamed to provide the best in charter and air ambulance services.

Business Charter - "You Deserve the Best"

If time is money – every minute you spend away from your desk is a cost to your company. Chartering a jet with us allows you to keep ahead of the competition:

JamaicaMed Air Ambulance Fleet

JamaicaMed provides State of the Art aircraft for patients requiring urgent care. Normally, the appropriate choice for transport is by air ambulance flight. With doctors, registered nurses, respiratory therapists, pediatric specialists and critical care paramedics on staff, JamaicaMed offers bedside to bedside service to critically ill patients in need of medical air transport.All of our medical jet planes include crews trained in aero-medicine and State of the Art medical equipment. They are strategically positioned around the Caribbean and the United States for the fastes response time possible. 

Medical Assist via Commercial Airline

Medical Assist is a great alternative if the patient is in stable enough condition to sit during take-off and landing and has a limited need for oxygen. The patient flies comfortably in First Class or Business Class on a major commercial airline and is under constant care of at least one member of the  medical team. If the departing and arrival cities are major hubs for the airlines, direct flights of relatively short duration are often available.


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